Sacrifice some time to read Gwendolyn Beynon’s first fantasy novel – you won’t regret it!

I read Gwendolyn Beynon’s fantasy debut, ‘Sacrifice’, in one long sitting, then I put it down for a week and a bit.  Then I came back and read it again.

It is just that good.


“Melangell is a Lifebringer, a dragon-maiden learning to protect one of the land’s most ancient mysteries, y Ddraig. She expects to pass her years as have a score of teachers before her—hidden away, safeguarding an egg that barely moves from year to year, barely using the deadly and secret skills she’s been taught. But the King’s relentless pursuit of this most holy of relics throws her into the middle of war, and a not-yet-adept Melangell enters captivity with the egg to defend the sleeping dragonling within.”

Beynon’s writing is easy to read – no massive long winded descriptions of the scenery or minutiae about the moss on the rocky crags to slog through, the novel pulls you deep into the story, and rivets you there.  She provides plenty of adventure, romance and deception – along with a good dose of practical magic.

The story is peopled with entertaining believable characters, from the main characters down to the ones who barely get a mention.  If you are into the legends of King Arthur and the Round Table, you’ll find a different spin on those, which I suspect will be developed further in the coming two novels.

I would thoroughly recommend this one with no hesitation, and I look forward to pouncing on the next two instalments of the y Ddraig series as soon as they hit the shelves.

Read an excerpt here.


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